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Rollinder no pretende ser sólo una plataforma que haga posible la creación de mesas de juego. Rollinder pretende ser, más bien, una pequeña sala de laboratorio; una comunidad subterránea que pueda entrar en contacto para desarrollar contenido original a través de relaciones respetuosas.

Para ello hemos desarrollado un Sistema Triple de Medallas

The first medal system is called Initiative . Here we will try to measure the level of activity or engagement that different Rollinder users have on the game tables community. In this system the medals will be assigned automatically by Rollinder following closely a rigorous system of unlocked personal achievements. The set of available medals comes from 1) the combinatorial between the elements that make up the 'Preferences' section (Game Type, Game System, Setting, Game Mode, Availability, etc.), and 2) the Results provided by the users through the responsible use of the Table Reports. In this way, Initiative will measure the amount of hours that users invest in game tables, their preferred systems, the most popular settings, the difference between played official and homebrew campaigns, and lots of useful statistics and key performance indicators.

This system has the purpose of building statistics to know in depth the particularities of the different roleplay communities that populate the world. These statistics, we believe, will be key when conducting public and marketing studies that contribute to the optimal development of projects financed by Rollinder.


The second system of medals is called Behavior, and was designed in order to be able to establish behavioral profiles of the different Rollinder users. Behavior is the system that guarantees that Rollinder keeps being a living, healthy and respectful community. This system of awarding medals no longer works automatically, and is no longer under Rollinder control. Behavior depends solely on the users, and their votes. Every so often (as a reward, among other things, for the effective hours played, logged in the table reports), each user can judge the performance in different areas of their playmates in a qualitative tablet designed by Rollinder.

Behavior will allow the users to, through profile revision, decide who they allow to play on their open game table. We believe the system will not only encourage the possibility of making new friendships, but also making sure the experiences between old players and newcomers are kept respectful and fun.


The thirds, and perhaps the most important system, is called Feats . This system won't be managed by Rollinder, instead their users will vote, in the same way as with Behavior.

The goal of Feats is to reward users for their knowledge, skills and abilities that usually escape the game sessions. Feats aims to function as a public pool of trades, a precise inventory of Rollinder user competences. We believe that Feats is way to find the perfect work team for each user that feels motivated to present a project in The Council.