The first and only platform created by and for the lovers of cooperative session games

Expenditure Plan

Although part of the platform is created, we do not have the time or funds to work seriously in Rollinder. So far, this is nothing more than a project that we can work on during our free time. Our goal then is to have the necessary income to be able to dedicate ourselves full time to Rollinder. For this we have designed a chart of cakes in which we explain how the funds raised in the IndieGogo campaign will be used.

Main Campaign Goal: 3.000 US$
- 15 US$ Domain purchase for the first year (
- 600 US$ Server yearly costs (Linode 8gb 4 cores) (Processing enough for 1.5-3.0k users, more users will need scalating up the number of servers).
- 120 US$ Server backup yearly costs (grows up with the cost of servers as it represents 20% of the cost).
- 500 US$ Advertising in Social Networks(Twitter, FB, INSTAGRAM). Extra budget might be needed for the remaining first year of operations.
- 1000 US$ Graphic design of the Platform, Graphic design of the multiple involved Websites.
- 1200 US$ Frontend and Backend Development.
- 300 US$ Logo design, Brand design. Miscellaneous expenses.
- 360 US$ Management and GMail accounts for one year.