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Despite the fact that in the current Digital Age, there is a democratic access to virtual and technological tools, it is often difficult to carry out content creation projects: sometimes the creators do not have the funding to see their ideas reflected, Sometimes large companies offer leonine contracts that belittle the work of writers, designers and illustrators; Sometimes it is impossible to form serious and committed work groups, sometimes the free time outside work is not enough to progress in the development of projects at a desirable pace.

We do not like this. In Rollinder we do not want any project with great potential collecting dust in a drawer.

That is why 20% of the profits generated by Rollinder will be used to finance and sponsorize artistic, cultural and scientific projects: from novels to comics, from short films to soundtracks, from video game development to role playing game settings, from adventures to campaigns, from scientific papers to philosophical books, from tools and resources for board games to YouTube and Vimeo videos.

For this we have created the platform


The Council is the place in which all Rollinder users will be able to publicly share their creative projects. Every certain period of time Rollinder will present the report of the funds available to finance projects. Once this is done, users will have the possibility to access the different available projects and give them support with their vote. The projects will be evaluated entirely by the users. Taking into account 1) the seriousness with which the projects are developed, 2) the history of those who present themselves as creators (which translate into Prestige Points, more about can be read later), and 3) the number of votes received.

After the voting stage Rollinder will award the funds to the winning projects. As simple as it sounds. Rollinder does not intend to ignore the creative processes of its users: it will try to give all the support and assistance necessary for the projects to come to fruition (for which we have created the Feats system, within the Triple System of Medals, which can be read later). We will strive to keep the system of voting and scoring of projects as democratic as possible, so we will keep it honest and subject to changes the community consider relevant, so we can maintain this promise for all the planned Rollinder time life.