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the games

User Preferences

In Rollinder each user will have the possibility to configure the criteria from which the search and matching system will work. Those Preferences can and will be modified and ordered depending on the needs of the user:

Game Type

TCG, Miniature War Games, Pen and Paper RPG, Boardgames, etc

Game System

Pen and Paper RPG: BRP, d20, d10, d6, etc


Pen and Paper RPG: D&D, CoC, WoD, FATE, etc

Game Mode

Pen and Paper RPG: Oneshooter, Campaña Corta, Campaña Larga, etc


En el caso de Pen and
Paper RPG: jugador, narrador, etc


Pen and
Paper RPG: homebrew, official, mix, etc

Time Availability

Pen and
Paper RPG: homebrew, official, mix, etc

Although it is not necessary for each user to exhaustively complete his Preferences tab in order to launch the Rollinder search system, it is evident that a greater number of data will offer much more specialized search results.

Table Reports

The Table Reports are an essential tool for the development of the platform. A great part of Rollinder’s DataBase will be based on the feedback and valuation each user gives the system once finished each Game Table activity cycle. That means user feedback and scoring will be the solely base for Medals and Prestige Point assignment.

Each Table Report is composed by three elements.

The first one is mandatory. The creator of the table must fill some basic data in a standardized form provided by Rollinder: type and game system used, setting, game mode, name of the campaign, days in which sessions were held, estimated hours of play, etc. . This form can be filled out after each game session, which is convenient as it allows us to have a more detailed Database, or it can be completed at the end of the campaign. These data will be reflected in the Initiative system, within the Triple System of Medals, which can be read above.

The second level is optional. At this level all the participants of the table will have the possibility to write, in a group or individually, and once the table is closed, their gaming experiences, critiques to different systems or settings tested, comments about both official and homebrew campaigns, etcetera. This level will allow users to approach (through a system of follows) the brief reviews that other users of the platform make of their own gaming experiences. This level aims to function as a public redoubt of Testers.

The third level is also optional. At the end of each campaign Rollinder will assign to each table participant 2 votes. Each user may, if desired, use these votes to judge 1) the behavior of their peers in the game instances (see Triple System of Medals, Behavior), and / or 2) the off-game skills of their table peers (see Triple System of Medals, Feats). The vote will always be secret.